Monday, October 29, 2012

A Remnant

Romans 9:27-28
Isaiah 10:20-27
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As nice and warm-fuzzy as it sounds, not everyone will go to heaven. Most will not. Which means that the majority (all...) of those who think of themselves as "basically good" and depend on that comparative goodness (compared to Hitler or a serial murderer) to get them into heaven will be sorely disappointed. The Bible's descriptions of the number of people there is not a description of the majority who are better behaved than the minority. Instead the descriptions are of "a remnant", "the few", "the select", or in other words, the minority. There is a much more important distinction then between the ones who go to heaven and the ones who do not than simply those who deserve to be in our modern prisons and those who think they choose the good option at least as often as the bad.
Since the majority is not living according to God's will, those who are giving Him their all are in the minority, which is usually a very uncomfortable position. Certain minorities are attacked more than others. Historically, the minority distinction of all-out Christianity has been accepted in the United States and certain other countries, but I doubt that will continue much longer. Minorities attacked for their skin color, their nationality, their education are in a better position now but that attack has simply shifted to other minorities. And now radical Christianity is once again one of the attacked minorities. Will it continue escalating to the point of an all-out aggressive attack or will the trend shift toward another group for awhile? Only God knows the future for sure, but I would rather endure the attack of other humans as a member of Christ's remnant than to save myself now and be condemned later by the Lord Himself. I would rather suffer now with a few others against the crowd than to later be faced with the judgment of the Lord of Hosts. It may become quite uncomfortable to be one of this minority at this time. Just imagine the discomfort that will come later though if we are not judged to be one of the number of God's remnant.

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