Friday, October 26, 2012

A Good Relationship

Romans 9:26
John 1:10-13
Is your relationship with the Lord at all like your relationship with your parents or with your children? We all have imperfect relationships with our family members, because we ourselves are imperfect. For that matter, even though our Heavenly Father is perfect, our relationship with Him is bound to be imperfect as well because we are imperfect. Yet if we want a good relationship (with anyone), we need to work on it. Every relationship requires time spent together, communication about things big and little, service and gifts of love from each person in the relationship toward the other. There cannot be any real relationship if the two parties never interact with each other.
God has offered us an amazing blessing to become members of His own family. Don't take it for granted! It won't continue to be a relationship and we won't continue to be His sons and daughters unless we spend time with Him, communicate through prayer with Him, offer Him service and gifts of love. We were not His people before; we could become not His people again if we so choose. Choose instead to build that relationship in every way you can so you can be confident in your relationship as His child.

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