Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lonely in a Crowd

Romans 9:25
Hosea 2:19-23
How frustrating it can be to be the new person in a group where everyone else seems to know each other. No matter how many people surround us, it's a lonely place if none of them are willing to greet and talk with the new person. It feels as the new person like I'm not wanted there, like the group is happier without me. Imagine that loneliness multiplied several times over with God Who created us and quite obviously loves each individual in the group. Imagine the despair of being excluded from His family. Imagine Him interacting with each member of His family, calling them His beloved, but ignoring you or asking "Who are you?" (Mt 25:12).
We were outsiders, but God Himself has opened the door to welcome us in. He has made us His people, who did not belong to any people before. We were rejected and alone, but He has made us His own beloved. Don't take it for granted! Recognize the blessing you have been given, thank Him for it, take advantage of the opportunity.

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