Saturday, September 1, 2012

Old People

Generally I can distance myself enough from the quirky things my kids say and do to enjoy them rather than be embarrassed by them. They're children after all; they're still learning so much and their solutions are often so amusing. My 5yr did embarrass me quite thoroughly however while we were grocery shopping recently.
As we moved into the grocery store aisle just behind a couple in their 60s, I cautioned my 5yr to watch out for other shoppers. As good as she is at loving other people, she's often not aware enough of her surroundings and her relationship to them to avoid running into others and standing in their way. She was being a little too un-self-conscious and about to bump into this couple who had to wait for her in order to avoid running over her ankles. Remembering all we've taught her about respecting her elders, my 5yr she piped out in a loud voice, "especially old people!"
The couple, particularly the gentleman, protested that they aren't old yet, although they admitted to 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson. Maybe they would feel better about the age my daughter assigned to them if they knew she thinks her daddy is 90 years old. Hopefully they at least realize that any age beyond 10 is "old" to a child of just 5 years.

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