Friday, August 31, 2012


Romans 8:31
Psalm 50:1-6
May they choose throughout their lives to
emulate the greatest superhero of all time, the
Creator of the universe, in every way they can
Life never presents an insurmountable challenge to the Lord. He is the One who CREATED all we see, and He still holds everything in His hands. There is nothing beyond His power, nothing stronger than Him. That includes people and spiritual forces and diseases and physical disasters. God can make anyone and anything in the universe obey Him. While He chooses most of the time to allow nature to follow its natural order and choices we make to be followed by natural consequences, that is not because He's not capable of stopping them.
Have you ever seen evidence that God has stepped in to rescue you from a disaster? Think carefully of decisions you've made that could have easily caused a calamity. Think of times when a car came within centimeters of hitting you or the car you were in. Think of illnesses that turned out milder than than most or that you recovered from while others did not. Think of financial losses with no way out which you survived and perhaps even thrived from. Think of every "coincidence" that turned out in your favor. Maybe you're not certain that God actually intervened rather than the roll of the dice turning up exactly the number you needed to survive. After all, every percentage means it could go in either direction, just that it's more likely to turn out one way than the other. But then again, you can't know that He didn't intervene. Wouldn't it be better to thank Him for His intervention and discover later that He didn't than to dismiss the possibility of Him rescuing you and discover later that you've offended the Creator and Lord of the universe?

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