Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Changed

Romans 7:23
Genesis 3:14-19
What changed after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit? Adam worked before (Gen 2:15), but now the work is difficult, accomplished only by the sweat of his brow. Eve was prepared to be a mother before (Gen 1:28), but now childbirth is painful rather than easy. Temptation was present before (Gen 3:1), but now it is a constant battle impossible to escape. Although I fight it, I give in more often than I care to admit. As Adam and Eve represented all of humanity, their choices were made on behalf of us all. I may not like the decision they made but now the consequences are with me and I am at war with myself. Work is difficult, childbirth is painful (yes, even with Bradley and similar coping techniques), and temptation is constant, not only from the serpent but from inside myself. So even though I want to obey God I find myself sinning once again. I can't take a break; it doesn't go away during vacation or even on Sundays. This may seem self-evident that sin is always a real and present temptation but it's crucial to understand that we cannot escape it in order to recognize our need for Christ Jesus. We need a Savior; I need a Savior. I cannot do His will on my own. I fail and sin frequently despite my desire to obey the Lord. Temptation to sin comes now from inside ourselves as well as outside so the war rages on and sin is usually the winner.

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