Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mindful of the Holy Spirit

Romans 8:5
Mark 8:31-38
Take up your cross
Of course as we live in this world, in the flesh, we are never entirely able to set aside our fleshly needs. We still need to eat, to sleep, to use our bodies. We're still faced with temptations by our bodies and those temptations don't disappear entirely during our life on this earth. Yet we can choose where our focus will be. The Greek word used in Mark 8:33 for the mind is the same used in Rom 8:5 for where our minds should be set. Christ rebuked Peter for focusing on physical comforts (like staying alive...) when God's plan required that Christ suffer and die. I haven't yet had to choose between God's plan and life itself, but we all have opportunities throughout the day to make God a priority or not. Most are small choices, such as setting aside time to pray each day, or responding kindly when we'd rather say something mean. Some are bigger choices, such as going on a mission trip rather than to an amusement park, or sponsoring a child when it requires sacrifices in other budget categories, or choosing a less desirable job in order to live near family and church family when the opportunity arises for another job far away. Sometimes no one seems to notice the sacrifices we've made to follow God's plan. Yet I promise (Lk 12:7) that God sees every one and they all work together to bring us closer in our walk with Him.

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