Friday, July 13, 2012

The Limits of our Imagination

Romans 8:3
John 3:16-21
Can you tell what she is pretending to be? I certainly couldn't. As soon as she saw a manila envelope in our mail she begged me to let her use it. She stuck the opened envelope over her head and asked me to cut eye holes, a mouth hole, and to cut off the end of the envelope so she could pretend she was a cat. She never decorated it with crayons--there're no whiskers or nose or any other identifying features added--it's just an envelope and her imagination. Both of the evening she wore it like a crown rather than over her head, yet it was apparently an important crown since she kept it on while on an errand with her daddy (he made her leave it in the car when they entered a store), at home, and at a Lord's Day meal with several friends (I let her keep it on--our friends have kids too, so they should understand right?). I don't mind in the least when my children act their age in public; they dress themselves and include goofy masks any day of the week except when we're going to church or another formal event.
Could you have told who Jesus truly was if you saw Him in the flesh? I doubt I could have. It's too fantastical to imagine or understand. God? As a human?? Why (and how) would the One who has everything choose to become a mere human? He condemns flesh now as one who has struggled against it and conquered it. He offers us eternal life as one capable of fulfilling the offer. We look at Him and we don't understand. He looks just like us; there is nothing that would cause us to recognize the reality of who He is. Yet His nature is not just a child's game, it is reality. We see so little of it and don't recognize what we do see. Yet it is far better than anything we could imagine, even if we have the tremendous imagination of a child.

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