Saturday, July 14, 2012


My brother is only 8yrs older than my oldest daughter. I'm not
sure who enjoys the closeness in age more: him, for the prestige
he's gained among his peers, or my daughters for having such
a fun young uncle to play with.
I love the tales my 5yr brings me. Some she makes up, some she colors with her own perception, and some are genuine tales revealing what she finds interesting or what she is trying to understand. I think this one must have been tickling her brain for quite awhile before she brought it out to see my reaction.
"Once when I was with Grandma at the park a girl asked us to help her find her phone. The girl said she needed to call her boyfriend. She said she had kissed him! Gross!"
Wouldn't it be nice if she were to maintain this perspective until she was about 20 years old??

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