Monday, June 18, 2012

We No Longer Reject The Onions

Romans 7:13
Luke 6:43-45
My daughters are very good at eating vegetables but even they have certain foods they won't touch. They poke at their dinner plates suspiciously and ask "Are there any onions in this?" Yet I somehow can't keep my 5yr away from the onions and chives growing in the garden. We send her out to empty the compost bucket and when she's taken double the time she ought to take in emptying the bucket we peer out only to find she's made a detour to the chive plant and is munching away at the flowers and stems. For about two years she picked at that plant and immediately spit out everything she chewed because the flavor is onion-y. I guess somewhere in her mind a different stem or a different flower from the same plant would surely have a different flavor because she always returned to it (often several times a day) and always spit it out again. Now she's adjusted and finds her dinner appetizers in the garden, including the chives patch, every summer evening. Although she still won't eat onions (particularly when cooked)--or at least not if she notices them in them midst of her main dish--I suspect she will eventually become a lover of them after several years of sampling the milder chives and green onions behind our house.
Often our spiritual taste buds become so thoroughly accustomed to certain sins that we don't even recognize them as the revolting sins that they truly are. We've sampled sin since birth and now it doesn't taste as repulsive as it used to. We start seeking it out and justifying it rather than rejecting it. When it appears in other people we don't notice as much anymore; like the onions on the dinner plate it becomes more acceptable in their lives because we seek it out so frequently in our own. Reading and studying God's Word emphasizes sin for what it is, not allowing excuses for any reason whatsoever.

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