Saturday, June 16, 2012

Questions Answered...For A Small Fee

Our first-born is an entrepreneur. She's always making plans to sell something or another either in the near future or "when I grow up". (Her daddy's a salesman and she inherited her personality directly from him). After reading some advice on keeping a lemonade stand or selling something similar in front of the house, our 5yr came up with her own scheme. Or she's been read to from a Peanuts comic book way too much. She declared that instead of a lemonade stand she wants to set up a question stand. Customers will ask any question they like and she will give an answer. She doesn't really understand number or dollar values yet so her fee was going to be $12 per question. I suggested she lower it slightly by turning the "dollars" into "cents". So if you have any questions that have been begging for an answer, my 5yr old daughter is prepared to play the detective and find the answer you're looking for at a reasonable fee of 12 cents. That is a reasonable fee because I doubt the answers given will be worth more than that but the amusement value is probably worth the pennies spent.

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