Friday, June 15, 2012

The Law Is Holy

Romans 7:12
Malachi 3:1-6
I wanted to read Romans verse by verse because it is too easy to skip over subtleties and imagine I already know what a passage is talking about. I needed to slow down and focus on one verse at a time so I could stop my bad habit of skimming ("I've already read this several times, I know what it says") and allow God the opportunity to speak to me through each verse. We read Romans 7 without being careful and we come away with the impression that the Law leads to our sin and is unable to keep us on the path to honor God. We miss the subtlety that the Law is good but Satan takes advantage of it to tempt us into sin. If we could reject the temptation and obey the Law wholeheartedly we would certainly become holy and pleasing to God also. Since we cannot, isn't God's solution amazing? He sends His messenger, His very own Son, to cleanse and purify us. Purified: so we can worship the Lord, so we can follow the Law on a new level. Not, as I said, to become obsessed with every particle of the Law and forget its purpose. But focused so completely on God that we are living the way He created us to live, learning about Him through His Word (Old and New Testaments), and worshiping Him each day by obeying His commandments.

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