Friday, May 18, 2012

Romans 6:20, The Authority That Inspires Martyrdom

Romans 6:20
Joshua 24:15-24
Authority enforced by physical strength;
ends when the body dies.
Laws are worthless unless the person who orders the law to be obeyed has the authority to enforce that obedience. If the people don't recognize the authority of that person or doubt the ability to enforce the law, then they usually choose to ignore the law. Martyrs throughout the ages have chosen disobedience of a law given by a human authority because they trust in the far greater authority of God. They look at eternity and see the comparatively short length of a person's life over which the human authority may have the ability to enforce obedience. They look at the incredibly long span of time over which the human authority cannot touch and choose to disobey that authority in favor of the One whose authority continues far beyond this life. Their disobedience may seem incomprehensible to those who see only the body's death. Yet the authority they recognize as greater can enforce His laws far beyond this body's death.

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