Thursday, May 17, 2012

Romans 6:19, Our Creator Gave Us Freedom to Choose

Romans 6:19
Psalm 139:13-16
Genesis 1:26-27
Most of God's creation doesn't get to choose its purpose.
The One who made us created us for a purpose but He also gave us free will to accept the purpose He had in mind for us or to live our lives for another purpose. When all of humanity (though there were only 2 people at the time) chose that other purpose, God allowed us to follow the chosen path. In His mercy He opened up the possibility to change our minds: to turn away from the purpose we had chosen and return to His plan for us. As our Creator, He could have forced us to stay on His path from the beginning. He had(has) the right to do so. We don't have the right to reject His purpose for us, we simply have the freedom given by the only One who truly has the right to choose our future. He created the whole of our being, body, mind and soul. For those of us who have chosen His return path, does our whole being reflect that choice? Is every part living the purpose God designed for us? We have chosen in the past to live out our rebellion through every portion of our being, body, mind and soul. The choice to return to God is not just for our soul; it needs to be lived out in everything we do no matter what part of our being is involved.

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