Monday, May 14, 2012

Romans 6:17, Free Indeed

Romans 6:17
John 8:31-36
I wonder how often a well-treated slave forgets his slavery. Perhaps not one who lives and works every day with the master, but someone who isn't obviously a slave but might as well be, such as an indentured servant or medieval land tenant. He could work for months or even years with others like himself and little interference from the master. Yet something comes up: the owner decides to sell the land he's working; a planned marriage is thwarted by the master; the master dies and his son turns out to be much crueler than his father ever was. Then the slavery is recognized and the distinction between "slave" and "free" becomes important.
Have we forgotten our slavery also? Everyone on this earth is born a slave to sin. We cannot hope for freedom without Jesus Christ. Enjoy that freedom by obeying God's instructions with all your heart. Do not let go of Him and return to your slavery! Outside of Christ is sin and all sin is slavery.

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