Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Romans 6:18, Don't Be a Worthless Slave

Romans 6:18
Matthew 25:14-30
We have freedom to choose one master or another, sin or righteousness. Once I've chosen my master, I have an obligation to serve wholeheartedly.
How many marriages turn bitter or end in divorce because one person complains endlessly about the spouse? The woman chose her husband; no one forced her to marry him; why should she spend all her time complaining about who he is? So maybe he's not perfect; neither is she. Maybe marriage isn't easy; neither is the single life. Complaining about the person I've married is entirely counterproductive. I've promised to love him "in good times and in bad" not only when he acts the way I would like him to. In the same way there is no point in complaining about the Master I've chosen to serve. I chose to serve Him, so why should I waste my time complaining about the service? It's not like He's a bad master; the other option certainly doesn't appeal to me. Now that I've accepted His protection and His talents I have an obligation to serve Him and invest His talents wisely. Without bitterness. Without complaint. This is the life I have chosen; I should live it wholeheartedly.

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