Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food Pantry, Drink Pantry

My 5 year old was intrigued earlier this week by a flier promoting a food drive. She decided she wanted to participate using her own allowance money. I told her I didn't want her contributing to that particular food drive (one of the main sponsors is an organization we do not support) but she could give something to the regular food bank at our church. She chose what to buy during our weekly grocery shopping trip and proudly presented her money to the cashier. I helped by showing her which aisles hold non-perishables but let her pick out what she wanted (toilet paper is, apparently, gross, and canned veggies were not appealing). She selected a package of spaghetti pasta and a jar of sauce. (Maybe she'd like me to make pasta more often??) I'm very proud of her and pleased she is imitating her daddy's generous spirit.
Her 3 year old sister's contribution to the project was to ask whether there's a drink pantry to complement the food pantry. That question was enough I guess to get her into the picture with her sister even if she didn't contribute financially this time. She used her money to buy some raisins for herself instead. ;-)

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