Monday, May 7, 2012

Romans 6:13, Choosing Joy

Romans 6:13
Galatians 5:22-23
Simple joy from a child (2011). May I grow in joy
over simple blessings from the Lord.
I was reminded recently that I may not always decide which thoughts come into my mind but I do get to decide which thoughts I consent to entertain there. The same goes for the rest of my body: I may not have complete control over which pictures I happen to see but I do choose which tv program I watch. I might not know everything written in a book before I read it but I do choose the quality and type of literature I read. I may not know what other drivers on the road are like but I can choose to drive in a way that's considerate regardless of who they are. I don't have control over many thoughts that enter my mind and events that occur throughout my day but I can choose how I respond to them, whether I seek out things that are holy or impure, and whether the impure stays or whether I turn it over to God and actively choose the holy. As I look at the list in Galatians of how I should respond to life if the members of my body are instruments of righteousness, joy is the fruit that stands out to me. So today I want to choose joy whenever I'm faced with the possibility of impurity. Does this activity encourage joy in the Lord? Does this thought inspire joy in the way I relate to those around me? Am I actively seeking out the holy joy of a child of God? Are others encouraged to be joyful by their interactions with me?

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