Sunday, May 6, 2012

In the Garden

I can't keep from growing plants indoors. Starting veggies to
transplant never works for me (not enough sunlight) yet
there's still houseplants and projects for the children (which
are usually leggy) which end up in the sunniest location I
have available.
My garden completely got away from me last year and I'm determined not to let that happen again this year. My goal (assuming the weather cooperates--never a sure thing) is to get into the garden every day this week (M-F that is). I want time in the garden to be the norm and the days skipped to be the exception. It's still too chilly to buy my plants (tomato, cucumber, pepper) but there are plenty of weeds to pull, garden plots to dig up, and seeds to plant that like or at least don't mind the chilliness (lettuce, peas, beets, swiss chard). If I really get caught up I can put out a few milk jug greenhouses like a friend of mine has done. Then I could get a head start on zucchinis and pumpkins. We're already picking herbs, rhubarb, and onions and about to start picking lettuce. The strawberries are flowering, the weeds are choking out the asparagus, and the sunshine is inviting me to spend more time outside.

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