Friday, January 13, 2012

Romans 5:11

Romans 5:11
Philippians 4:4
It's hard to rejoice always. We get so distracted by the difficulties we face and Satan certainly likes to encourage those distractions. Yet we always have reasons to rejoice. Rom 5:11 offers one reason, reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ our Lord, yet we can list many others reasons as well. Every time I've intentionally written out the reasons I have to thank the Lord I've found hundreds of items to include on the list. Today I challenge you (and myself) to rejoice in the Lord. Remember at least one reason to be glad in Him: at least one reason to hold onto when the challenges you face threaten to distract you. If you find they distract you anyways, then take a moment to write down every blessing you can think of in your life, small and large, and thank the Lord for each one.

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