Monday, January 30, 2012

January Goals

This is the last week of the month, so my focus is not a new goal but to work on making my goals from the past 4 weeks more permanent in my life and schedule. My purpose in all of this is to build new habits and strengthen helpful patterns in my life. I don't want an old good pattern to be pushed out of view with new patterns, I want each one to become such a part of my life and my day that I do it almost without thinking. So this being the last week of the month, my focus is not on anything new but rather on strengthening the 4 patterns I've been building into my life this past month. Each day I am trying to:

  1. Refill my water glass at least 4 times
  2. Throw away or get rid of something that's cluttering our house
  3. Ask my daughters to dry and put away the clean silverware
  4. Quick-clean the bathroom at the beginning of each afternoon


  1. love your easy list! my word for the year is your blog!