Monday, January 16, 2012

Young Children Helping

If I add one new task to my plate each week, I will soon be quite overwhelmed. My children are now 3 and 4.5 years old. Part of my job is to enjoy them and to train them, NOT to spend all my time doing everything for them. So my goal this week is to focus on them--specifically to more consistently ask them to dry and put away the clean silverware. This is a task they know how to do, individually or together (together is enjoyed more), but one that depends still on me asking them to do it and making sure it gets done. I see it as teaching them how to serve and how to participate more fully in our family life and family mission. Quite honestly, I don't need the silverware put away at all. It regularly goes straight from dish drainer to table. But I do want my daughters to learn responsibility and to help out in every way they can. This will take some work on my part but the rewards in their lives are well worth the small cost to me now. My goal for myself then this week: to ask my daughters to put away the silverware most days, at some point during the day. This a goal that works for me in training my children.

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