Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jesse Tree: Isaiah

Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8
Event/Theme: Isaiah's calling to be a prophet
Symbol we use: This is a fun day! We put all our angels on the tree today, including our angel tree topper. Since angels are used in a lot of Christmas ornaments, everyone gets to put several ornaments on today!
Meditation: Isaiah sees all the angels serving the Lord God and his immediate desire is to join them. He recognizes his lack before the Lord--not because of a low self esteem or an unwarranted fear of God but because he is human and the glory of the Lord fills the sanctuary. No human is spotless, not even one invited to witness such an incredible vision. Yet God's response is even more amazing: He sends an angel to purify Isaiah so he can serve the Lord. When God invites us to serve Him in some way He also gives us what we need to do so. Isaiah was purified so his mouth could speak God's words to the Israelites. What might God need to do in you or give to you so you can serve Him the way He wants you to serve?

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