Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jesse Tree: Elizabeth

Scripture: Luke 1:36-45
Event/Theme: Elizabeth, wife of Zechariah and mother of John the Baptist
Symbol we use:
Meditation: Have you ever really, really wanted something? Were you aware every time one of your friends got what you wanted and did you build a relationship of sorts with everyone who also wanted what you wanted and didn't own it yet? As the years went by without having a child of her own, Elizabeth probably came to know each woman in her town who also wanted a child and didn't have one and was probably painfully aware of each child that was born while she was still without child. A lot of women who are barren like Elizabeth struggle against jealousy and are absolutely overjoyed when God does grant them a child. The Bible mentions several of them, including Sarah, Rebekah, Hannah, and Elizabeth and He had a particularly special plan for each of their children. Elizabeth was very happy to be granted a child despite her age and her child, like the others mentioned in the Bible, had an extremely important role to play in preparing for the Messiah.


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