Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jesse Tree: Zechariah

Scripture: Luke 1:5-20
Event/Theme: Zechariah
Symbol we use:
Meditation: A bit of advice: Never doubt that God can make anything happen. Nothing is impossible for Him and when He says it will happen we should always believe that it will. Zechariah was praying for a son but he was apparently praying without faith. The first words out of his mouth when the angel told him that his prayer was going to be answered were words of doubt. He wasn't asking, like Mary, what should I do to obey? but rather, since this is impossible and a visitation by an angel isn't enough to convince me, what sign will you give me so that I can believe that you are telling me the truth? He was given the sign he asked for and I think he would have been much happier without it. Nevertheless, God gave him the miracle he had asked for, a son even though he and his wife were already too old to have children without God intervening to make the impossible happen.

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