Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small Opportunities to Pray

It may seem small and insignificant, but our kids notice when we take advantage of the little opportunities that come up throughout each day to say a quick prayer. Whenever there is a "crisis" we try to make God part of the solution. Our children are already beginning to recognize that prayer is also for little things (or maybe not so little in their eyes) such as bruised knees and skinned elbows. These are the prayers that don't take more than 2 seconds yet teach our children that they can pray too, and that nothing is too small for God.
  1. Every bump and bruise gets a prayer. Something like "Dear Jesus, please help this bump to heal and to stop hurting quickly. Amen." This is while I'm am holding the child on my lap so she can experience lots of love while hearing the words of the prayer.
  2. When we hear an ambulance drive by we say a short prayer.
  3. When we learn that someone we know isn't feeling well or their day isn't going well, we say a short prayer immediately for them.
  4. We've started to encourage our 4 yr old to say a few spontaneous prayers. When her response is that she doesn't know what to say, we'll give her the exact words, short and simple, so she can repeat them and gain practice in leading the prayer.
This is what works for us in teaching our children to bring every need and desire to God (Phil 4:6).

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