Thursday, November 24, 2011


Luke 17:12-19
If you were to list every single thing you would like to thank the Lord for, how long would your list be? I challenged myself for a few months to list something new in my journal every day. I didn't run out of things to thank Him for. Here are just a few things I thank Him for this year.
Dear Lord, I thank You so much for:
  • Your love for me
  • Your sacrifice on the cross
  • My home to live in
  • My wonderful husband
  • Our two beautiful daughters
  • The abundance of food in our kitchen and pantry
  • Our extended family
  • The community You have put me in
  • The freedom to live my faith publicly
  • A job my husband enjoys and is successful at
  • Our friends
  • Helpful, friendly neighbors
  • The beauty of each season of the year
  • The sacrifices of soldiers and their families to protect our freedom
  • An abundance of Christian churches in our area
  • Godly leaders in our own church
  • Financial provision for big and small expenses
  • Financial provision coming from my husband's efforts at work
  • Families to build relationships with for both ourselves and our children
  • Access to multiple Bibles and multiple translations
  • Living close to family
  • Education, especially literacy
  • Easy ways to communicate through phone and internet

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