Monday, November 21, 2011

Romans 5:8

Romans 5:8
It can be amazingly difficult to accept love. God has gone to extreme measures to demonstrate His love for us and still we don't accept it. He has expressed His love in words and in actions; in our personal lives and in events that took place long ago. He died for us. What will it take for us to accept His love?

Take a moment to think of the ways God has shown His love to you, both in small ways and large. Thank Him for each and every thing you can come up with that demonstrates His love for you. Acknowledge each one, whether it's from as long ago as preserving the Bible through the ages so you can read it today, or a problem you faced this week that turned out easier to solve than you anticipated, or a miracle of nature you enjoyed this morning, or particular people in your life that are so important to you, or something found that you thought was lost forever, or a verse you read that was exactly what you needed, or... There are far too many possibilities to name here: time to stop reading and start thanking the Lord for His love!

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