Friday, November 4, 2011

Romans 4:24

Romans 4:24
Have you ever put yourself in the same category as Abraham and the other heroes of the Bible? What made them different from their peers who weren't mentioned? What prevents you from also having that level of a relationship with the Lord? Why would you not be known for generations to come as a close friend of God's (Isaiah 41:8)? Did you even realize that you could have such a relationship with the Lord?

This Scripture about Abraham was written so we would know that our faith in Jesus is for our salvation as well. But don't be satisfied with that. Don't sell yourself short by taking just enough to get into heaven. Build a friendship with God which will be told about to grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren. I realized that in my own life I am the one limiting the depth of relationship that I have with Christ Jesus. I am satisfied with enough; I am afraid to go deeper with Him. I need to regularly reevaluate my life and my relationship with the Lord. I need to consider and choose to take the next step toward a greater love and confidence in the One who holds my life tenderly in His hand. Right now for me that means asking His desire for me even in small decisions rather than basing those decisions on myself and the image I see reflected in the opinions of those around me. What would take your relationship with the Lord deeper than it is now? Are you willing to do it?

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