Saturday, November 5, 2011

How Young It Starts

One daughter is insisting that her sister obey her. Her sister is protesting that she obeys Mama, but doesn't need to obey her sister: "I obey Mama, not you." What's really funny to me is that my older daughter thinks she is entirely capable of babysitting her younger (by 18 months) sister when she herself is only 4 years old.
"You have to obey me because I'm babysitting you."
"You have to obey me because I'm older than you. I can babysit you only when Mama's in the background."
"You obey Mama. Obey me too!"

A little while later she calls out to me, "Mama, are cows supposed to be pink?" "Usually they're brown." "No, they're pink. Trust me." Good thing she's not bossy...

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