Thursday, September 15, 2011

Romans 3:27

Romans 3:27
Did you complete that little exercise on Tuesday of listing all the words you could think of praising God? Which of those words can you apply to yourself? Write them all down; they'll be useful in building your self-esteem and in conversations with friends.

Oh, none of the words describe you either? Then what exactly are you boasting about to your friends?
I like this definition of boasting: "To glorify oneself in speech; talk in a self-admiring way." That's only possible when I have forgotten the many exalted attributes of God and just how few (none) can be applied to me. Remembering God's greatness and my own greatness complete and utter lack of greatness helps put me back in my rightful position before Him. I have no reason to boast, whether to myself, other people, or God. But I do have a million reasons to praise God, thank Him, worship Him, acknowledge Him, and glorify Him in my speech both privately and publicly. I don't have any reason left to boast and build myself up, but I have more reasons than ever to rejoice in the Lord's goodness toward me.

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