Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Memorization and Meditation Working Together

When you hear a new verse, it's gone almost before you can process it. Especially if, like me, you're not an auditory learner. When you read Scripture you have a little more time since you can read it over and over as you're praying and trying to discover how to apply it to your life, but you can't sit forever with your eyes glued to the verse. When something is memorized however, you can recall it, pray through it, consider it from multiple angles, compare it with other verses, apply it to whatever situation you're facing in the same moment--in short, meditate on the verse anywhere and at anytime that is convenient to you. I heard someone observe once that memorization is a form of meditation since it internalizes Scripture. You still have to apply it to your life (coldly memorizing the words isn't enough) but that's easier to do when you don't have to stop your activities to re-read a verse. Don't get discouraged by all the different activities needed to bring God's Word more deeply into your life. Make it easier on yourself: combine them and use one task to make the next task happen more naturally. Making meditation easier by first memorizing a verse Works for Me.

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