Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Romans 3-5

It is indeed a blessing to know what to do and where to go. I would find it unsettling to be told to cross the country from a city on one coast to a city on the other without any kind of map or directions along the way. Even worse if every deviation was punished and only a direct east-to-west route considered acceptable.

It is an even greater blessing to be forgiven out of God's love and grace. I already know I can't cross without some deviations, even with a map. Roads don't go directly east-to-west; there are too many obstacles in the way. What a blessing to know that my sins, or deviations from the direct path, are forgiven. I know they're wrong. I also know I'm not capable of always avoiding them. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me grace to continue trying to make my way along the path toward heaven and forgiving all the ways I disobey the Law time and time again.

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