Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday: This isn't my blog

It was too cold for 6-month old Ant to be outside, but here
are the rest of us posed in front of the house that wasn't
actually ours quite yet
I used to write a personal prayer journal on paper in an actual diary book. I did so off and on for more than a decade in various types of books using a variety of formats. A couple years ago I began journaling online, here, during my regular prayer time. It has provided accountability, a forum to share what the Lord is doing in my life with people I know, and opened the door for God to use what He is doing in my life as a nudge to inspire others, both individuals I know and some I don't. My desire is to keep this blog submitted to the Lord, as belonging to Him, as a help in my walk with Him and a help for others to also walk with Him.
Part of the Lord's work in my life has been to entrust two beautiful babies to my husband and I who were born only 11.5 months apart. Added to our other two older-yet-still-young children, our various commitments, and the realities of life, my "personal prayer times" have become something quite different. They're, well, less "personal", for one, as children beg or cry for my attention. Young ones don't understand strict schedules no matter how often you might explain that they are supposed to sleep until 8:15, and not wake up a minute before that time. Speaking of sleeping, my nights are short and interrupted. My prayers have proportionally increased in the "Lord, please give me the grace I need" and "....Bless the Lord...zzz...Thank you...zzz...Amen" type and decreased in the silent, contemplative, profound insight form. That's ok, since that is what God has for me right now, but it does make it harder to write out those (non-existent) insights for others to read. :-) Thus the glaring lack of meditations published in the last month.
But what are the ways the Lord is working in my life instead of the quiet, prayerful meditations? He is teaching me perseverance, expectant faith, diligence, patience, love. One of the many lessons He is teaching me is to speak up (even to Him!) for myself with confidence that He is ready to provide what I ask for. After living in a too-small space for several months, a space designed for 2 people, a space simply not large enough for the real stuff of 6 people, we have purchased a house large enough and more. Over the next several Saturdays I will share just how miraculous this is for us. We are not simply moving from a smaller home into a larger; the Lord has included many unexpected blessings and the ability to move from this house into the particular house we are moving to is indeed a story of miracle on top of miracle.
Thankful Thursday: This isn't my blog
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