Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Heritage: Prayer of faith

Sometimes I just want to capture a particular expression on my child's face, but of course it's gone before I could even think of grabbing the camera. I loved the intensity of the surprise on their faces when we first told them that we had decided to move and had even found the house we planned to move into. I loved the way my daughters' eyes widened, their jaws dropped, and their speech failed them (even the incessant talker!) when we dropped on them the news that we planned to buy a house that wasn't actually for sale and might not be for another year or more...yet we were going to act on faith and start packing our boxes as if the house would be ours within a few months.
My husband and I had no plans for our date night last July, so we ended up driving around a neighborhood we were hoping to move into, scoping out the current for sale signs. We ended up in front of a foreclosure directly across from our daughter's godparents. Now, we had a list of what we were looking for in our new home, both required and hoped-for attributes: location, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms (more than 1!!), space for a garden, space to play, garage we could park inside, place to hang a basketball hoop. This foreclosure, although in rough shape, had everything and a few surprises: fenced in backyard, full basketball court, screened in back porch, back deck. We announced our find the next morning to our daughters, letting them know that they should pray for all the pieces to fall into place if this was the home God had for us. Reese looked at us wide-eyed, not certain she wanted to move, and asked the only thing that came into her mind. "Is it for sale?" Um...Uh...Well.............. No. That is one of the things you need to pray for, child. Because this house includes so much that we hadn't thought to ask for, which would fit our family vision so well, that we're just acting on faith that maybe the Lord has a plan for us bigger than the one we had in mind. That's when she and Maria gave me their priceless expression of shock. We're buying a house that isn't on the market? Wait...what?? My children, let's just watch to see what the Lord brings about.
As I write this in July, it seems premature to publicly announce anything. The Lord hasn't promised us this house, and He has a lot of work to complete before we can buy it. But I'm writing it in July as a testament to His ability to move mountains, ready to see what He actually does over the next few months.
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Happy Heritage: Prayer of Faith
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