Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bible Study: Source of strength

Romans 15:14
Acts 2:1-4
3yr old Reese learning to work WITH her father
and accomplishing more than she could have on her own
Some days I don't feel very competent. I don't feel competent enough to call myself a Christian, let alone instruct others, including (especially?) my children. Full of goodness? Filled with knowledge? Sadly, these are often not the case. The key to my competency or lack thereof lies securely in who I am depending on. If I am my own source of strength, I will fail in every area of my life, but especially in my ability to love others. The limit to what I am capable of is MUCH lower when I depend upon myself. Only when I rely upon the Lord can I fulfill His commandments. Only then can I give more than I have, for He is the one providing all that I need.
All too often I insist on doing it all myself, like a toddler intent on learning a new skill. Unfortunately, my determination produces about the same results as that toddler, not helping me become perfect like the Lord wants me to be (Mt 5:48). I need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, who will enable me to accomplish all that God asks of me.
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