Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Heritage: More freezinger than freezing

She enjoyed the whipped cream from her first birthday cake
more than the cake itself. An edible plaything: what's not
to love??
After playing in our sprinkler and drinking a cold smoothie, Maria announced that she had become cold. More precisely,: "More freezinger than freezing."
Maria has a heart for mission and a gift of generosity. And one of her love languages is gift giving. Her sister Reese does not hold back from taking advantage of that. I recently heard them making plans for what Maria could buy for her younger sister. Reese was egging her on, fully decided that she would spend all her own money on herself and all her sister's money also on herself. Maria seems to be fine with that plan. Somehow a good deal of Maria's candy from special occasions ends up in Reese's stash and gifted to Daddy, yet Reese's never makes its way into Maria's stash. Reese doesn't see any inequality in this as she pours out love in abundance in other ways, such as quality time. If her sister chooses to give her presents, well, who is she to refuse?
The high school youth group we support may someday benefit from the efforts of a talented young fundraiser. Maria has plans to make various crafts and sell them at a "lemonade stand", donating all the proceeds to the youth group and their mission trips. Reese thinks that's a great plan for raising money. So her idea is to use the same strategy in our front yard, but keep the money for herself and become independently wealthy. The youth group doesn't factor into her plans unless she decides to use some of the money to go on a mission trip herself.
I love watching Princess respond to her big sisters and her Daddy. She has a LOT of love to give to those who are important to her. She may not understand much of the activities Maria and Reese are involved in, but she is certain that if they like it, then she will too. This leads to some frustration all around since the big sister are 6 and 4.5 years older than her, but a beautiful sunbeam smile from Princess when they are able to include her in their activity. And when Daddy enters the room...oh my. She gets so excited to see him!

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