Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bible Study: God makes the impossible happen

Romans 15:12
Isaiah 11:10-12
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We too easily forget how truly great God is. The people of Israel are scattered beyond recovery. Yet He promises to bring them back together, and even rally the non-Jews around "the Root of Jesse". He has already brought about the fulfillment of a small part of His promise, bringing the non-Jews to Himself through Jesus, the descendant of Jesse. We know that He will bring about a complete fulfillment, including making every impossibility a reality. Because our Lord makes the impossible happen, we can bring our own impossibilities to Him. He might not complete them in the time or manner we expect, yet we can trust His ability and trust His love in acting for our very best.
What impossibilities do you face, to bring to the Lord today? Perhaps you find yourself committing essentially the same sin repeatedly and your efforts to stop have failed. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed in your current responsibilities. Perhaps someone you love has made it very clear that they are unwilling to submit to the Lordship of Christ. Whatever it is, remember that God makes the impossible a reality. Have faith in Him.

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