Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Heritage: Plans for heaven

Our family devotional recently sparked an excited discussion of what we have to look forward to in heaven.
Maria: "I can have all the Barbie dolls I want! And maybe five bunny rabbits!"
Reese: "There are no spiders in heaven!!"
They plan to dress up in golden swirly dresses to dance every day (including floating in the air high above the stage). Also planned: watching tv all day long. Sprouts and Tinkerbell for the kids (Daddy chooses sports instead). The tvs themselves can be any color you want (pink and purple even). Candy is good for you, so you can eat as much of it as you want and never get sick (Willy Wonka must live in heaven). You can eat candy all day long while watching tv. Or you can choose pie as there is lemon meringue for Reese, strawberry ice cream pie for Maria, and every other kind you could ever want for variety.
I couldn't understand Princess's contributions, but even she excitedly offered plenty of ideas about what wonderful treasures await us in the Father's house. If you ever had any doubt about the joys of heaven, my children will be happy to help you imagine how wonderful it will be.

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