Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lent 2014: Women who ministered to Jesus

Luke 8:1-3
There were no fast food restaurants or dry cleaners available for Jesus and His disciples. Every meal they ate had to be prepared by someone and yet if someone else prepared it for them that left them with more time to minister to the crowds who so desperately needed Christ Jesus. Three short verses tell us that several women helped fill a need, not for pay or for recognition but out of thanksgiving. They stayed mostly in the background so that only three are named and only one is even known well enough to be recognized today by the general population. Their actions might never have received the recognition they deserve from other humans in the past 2000 years, yet God who sees what we do in secret (Mt 6:4) has/will make sure they receive their full reward.
We choose to serve not for pay nor for recognition but out of thanksgiving and love for our Lord. Those background services are important. They may be less glamorous than the public services yet they make those visible ministries possible and far more productive than they would be otherwise. Perhaps no human will give us the recognition we earn for our services. Yet we do them anyway to love the Lord.

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