Friday, March 28, 2014

Lent 2014: Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52
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Bartimaeus threw his cloak aside while he was still blind. If for some reason Jesus had not healed him, he probably would never have found his cloak again. He would have been even worse off than before. This act of faith in "Jesus, Son of David" confirms the faith he has already shown in calling out to the Lord despite the people nearby trying to silence him. He was willing to push through every obstacle and give up everything he owned out of confidence that Jesus of Nazareth was indeed the promised Messiah, the Son of David, with the ability and the desire to heal him of his crippling blindness. With that faith he had far more ability to see Jesus for who He was than those around him who ostensibly could see but did not recognize the Lord.
As my husband pointed out, it is curious that those around Bartimaeus tried to silence him when he first called out to Jesus. They didn't try to bring the blind man to the Lord nor make way for Him to see and heal Bartimaeus as He passed by. Have you ever (intentionally or not) actively prevented someone from approaching Christ Jesus? Has anyone ever been an obstacle preventing you from approaching Him? Did you push through the obstacle despite the extra effort? Bartimaeus proved that Jesus is worth it. He is indeed the Son of David, with all the ability and the desire to heal us completely. When we push through the obstacles in our path to reach the Lord, we are rewarded with healing, with sight, with new life.

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