Friday, March 21, 2014

Lent 2014: Little Children

Matthew 19:13-15
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Faith is not just for ourselves. If we think our beliefs are entirely private, we are missing a crucial aspect of Christianity. We need to bring everyone we interact with along with us to Jesus: our children, our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers, our nieces and nephews, our family members. We don't bring them with us by shoving and accusing, but rather like the parents brought their children: bring them with us for Him to bless.
When who we are cannot be separated from what we believe, and what we believe is lived out attractively toward all we interact with, our lives become a means for the Lord to bless those individuals. Our words and actions become more loving as we strive to become more like the Lord of love. We show mercy and forgiveness toward others as a reflection of the realization of God's mercy and forgiveness toward us. The only natural response for how we spend our time includes Scripture reading, retreats, and acts of service. Our spiritual activities won't emerge because we're bragging about them or contrasting them with others' activities; they'll be impossible to hide entirely because they are so integral to who we are. The activities themselves will bless others as they are the recipients, the changes they make in our lives (words, attitudes, etc) will bless others, and as we invite them to join us in whatever we are doing (dinner, parties, get-togethers) they will be blessed to be surrounded by people who care about them.

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