Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lent 2014: Father of demon-possessed son

Mark 9:17-27
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Do you ever find it difficult to persevere in prayer? This father did just the right thing. He knew from Jesus' remark that his faith was not great enough so he gave what he had and asked the Lord for more. If your faith is great enough, then I congratulate you. Mine certainly isn't. I and many others I know tend to be cynical (i.e. unbelieving) and act like that's a good thing! After all, the world we live in twists what God has called good into something socially undesirable while praising what God rejects. As we turn away from the world's ideals toward God's desires for us, those expectations from the world about what is good and bad can be stumbling blocks for us. So we ask the Lord for help. We admit that what we have is insufficient and so we give Him what we do have and ask Him to make up the difference.

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