Monday, February 3, 2014

Bible Study: Time well spent

Romans 14:13
Isaiah 40:6-8
We have such a short time on this earth. A lifetime seems to stretch on for a loooong while when we are children, but each year speeds up as we gain another birthday. Given how precious time is, how are you spending the time you have? It's not worthwhile spending your time making life more difficult for others. Think instead of one person in your life, someone you see every day, and how you can help that person along. How can you demonstrate love in practical ways? Praying for that individual is a very obvious step; but what little gifts and services can you offer that could help answer those same prayers? How can you take the upper hand in the disagreements you share and in tolerating the little annoyances you experience? Yes, that person may be in the wrong and maybe should change their behavior. But if you're not in a position of spiritual authority with that individual, then you're probably not the one who should point that out. You are rather the one who should demonstrate real love and allow God the room He needs to point out that sin. And if you are in a position of spiritual authority, any correction you need to give will be much better received if you are thoroughly loving that person.

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