Monday, February 24, 2014

Bible Study: Peace

Romans 14:19
John 14:25-27
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The peace this world aspires to will unfortunately never be achieved. Like the efforts to end world hunger or poverty, it's a nice goal which will never be reached. It depends too much on the good of every human being and requires resolving each and every conflict so that everyone agrees. The peace of Christ, the peace we should really be working toward, does not always resolve the conflict but rather entrusts the outcome to the Lord. The meaning of the word "lord" includes power and authority, so we live out the submission we've already expressed with our words to His ability to bring about the resolution between our opposing beliefs. In the meantime we live by our beliefs, but we live them out with love first and foremost rather than bickering over what we cannot agree on. We don't always agree, but since the Lord God is obviously working in each of us, we can allow those disagreements to stand out of the way while we work together, building each other up in our faith.

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