Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bible Study: Building with the Lord

Romans 14:20
Psalm 127:1-5
Building relationships with Christ
A toddler builds a tower out of blocks so he can knock it down again. That is his sole purpose in building the tower in the first place and Woe to the friend who frustrates his purpose by knocking the tower down before the builder gets the opportunity to do so himself!
What are your objectives in life and are your actions actually helping you achieve them? Are they the same objectives the Lord would like you to be working toward? Are you inadvertently knocking down His work in someone else's life? Usually the work we are at is meant to last longer than a toddler's block tower, but not always. Sometimes He simply wants us to build up the tower and knock it down again. Perhaps we need practice in building or the pleasure of working with a friend. We will often experience the frustration of someone else knocking down the tower we worked so hard to build and we might not see the purpose the Lord was at in allowing us to experience that hard work followed by destruction. Yet we can find reassurance in knowing that when He is involved in the construction, whatever we are doing and whatever the obvious results are, the building was not in vain.
Being like toddlers, not understanding the full picture, we should still strive to work with the Lord toward our stated objectives. Do we want a close relationship with Christ Jesus? Then we should spend time with Him every day, regardless of what we may have to sacrifice in our day to make it happen. Do we want our children to have a close relationship with Him? Then we should help them spend time with Him every day and mentor them in building that relationship. Do we want to end a particular sin? Then we should identify the scenarios that create temptation in that area and avoid those situations. These are constructions the Lord will certainly help us build, and rebuild when they are knocked down. And when we see another person working to build in such areas, we will certainly find satisfaction in helping the Lord and the other person succeed.
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  1. Brilliant analogy here to illustrate such wisdom.
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