Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Heritage: Too much money

Creative Maria
Maria asked the other day whether we're saving up to buy a new house. "No. Why do you ask?" "Because you have too much money in the bank!" It's all a matter of perspective I guess.
Princess (7 months old) gave her first indication the other day that she's paying attention to the baby sign language I've been showing her since the day she was born. She brought her hands together several times while loudly complaining that her food was not yet in her mouth. Bringing the fingers from both hands together is the sign for "more", used for a baby to request more food, so we responded as quickly as possible to encourage her to repeat the sign often in the future! (Babies often have a certain level of motor control before being able to vocalize their desires, so signs can reduce their frustrations in trying to communicate when they can't yet use words).
When you don't know the "correct" word for something, it's a very useful skill to describe it in other terms. I'm not sure what to call the circles used in cartoons to connect a thought or dream cloud to the individual thinking it, but I love the poetic description Reese came up with for them: "dream drops".
Maria: "Since you never get sick in Heaven, I'm going to eat LOTS of candy there!!"

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