Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bible Study: What honors the Lord

Romans 14:6
Colossians 3:12-17
Why do you celebrate a particular day as special? Because someone told you that you should?
Why do you avoid celebrating certain days as special? Because they would take too much work to celebrate?
We should celebrate or not based on what honors the Lord, not on what society tells us we should, or what is convenient for us, or what we feel like doing at the moment. And of course, while Paul was specifically citing celebrating certain days or not, the same principle applies to everything we do. Where should our children attend school? How often should we invite guests over for dinner? What should our budget be for _____? If your decision is made to honor the Lord, it should not be changed on a whim. If it's based on any other reason, it would be good to ask the Lord what He would like of you, so you can stay the course or change your decision based on His response.
We should sometimes change our decisions when we're encouraged by another person to do so; sometimes that is the Lord speaking to us through another individual and confirms it when we pray. But always our primary consideration should be whether we are seeking to honor the Lord or whether our decisions are flimsy and in need of change.

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