Monday, January 27, 2014

Bible Study: Asking the Lord for help

Romans 14:11
Isaiah 45:20-25
The Lord will help us stay on the right path
We will all acknowledge the Lord's supremacy in the end, to our delight or our shame. Why waste our time correcting others for minor differences when we know they will be corrected (if necessary) by the Lord? But what about ourselves--what areas of our lives will we be corrected for? Perhaps we will be corrected for the matter of judging others when we should leave their actions and the motives behind them in the Lord's hands.
I am currently teaching my oldest daughter about the differences between sin, temptation, and accident. Accidents just happen and should be forgiven when they happen under other people's watch, just as we always want to be forgiven when they happen through us. Sin is a choice to do what is wrong. Temptation is that moment when we're given the opportunity to make a decision. It is that moment when reaching out to the Lord can make the difference in whether we sin or not. He invites us to call upon Him to save us. We need that salvation not only from physical dangers and not only for mercy when we've committed a sin, but also before we have sinned when we are fighting the spiritual battle against wrongdoing, in danger of falling again but not yet having chosen to sin. We have the opportunity to choose the right path but we might not have the strength to do so on our own. Call on the Lord for help. Acknowledge His greatness, His power to help. Ask Him to be your savior in the midst of temptation so you do not stumble and sin.

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