Thursday, December 26, 2013


Matthew 2:1-12
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After weeks of preparing for the coming of the Messiah, it is time now for us to come to Him and worship Him. Your worldly possessions may not be valued as high as the gifts of the magi, but He values the treasures you can bring to Him: presents of time, money, talents. Most precious of all are the gifts of trust, of faith, of the heart's secrets, of submission to His will.
So much busyness is going on during this season. There are so many ways to make the season special, but no one can do all the Pinterest ideas out there, as nice as each one might be. Yet even while simplifying our schedule, extra things happen: friends visit from out of town, we travel out of town ourselves to visit others, once-a-year parties take place that we feel obligated to attend, we plan extra family activities especially if children and/or parents have vacation which allow us time together we don't normally have. It all adds up to busyness. It's a good busyness, celebrating Christ's birth by doing things to express our love for Him and for others. Yet the busyness can threaten to interfere with the time spent with the One whose birth we're celebrating.
In the midst of the activities, grab a few moments to spend with just the Lord. Choose the events which allow you to demonstrate love toward others. Remember to imitate the magi by seeking after the King regardless of the inconvenience it may cause us in other areas. It's fun to go ice skating or caroling or [fill in the blank with your favorite post-Christmas Day activity]. Just don't let that extra fun activity take the place of a prayer time, a Bible study, a Christmastime service, an opportunity to love someone in your life. Seek after the Messiah, especially now.

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